What Is The Pink Tax?

The pink tax often referred to as gender pricing and gender tax, refers to the extra fee that women are charged for certain products and services. In most cases, women typically have to pay more for shaving products, razors, dry cleaning and daily maintenance. According to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, hair products cost an average of 48 percent more than similar products marketed to men. Overall, the study found that women’s products cost more than men’s products 42% of the time.

According to a report by Forbes, women are paid less than men, even for the same job, but usually have to pay an increased amount for their products. You may be asking yourself, why do woman have this extra “pink” tax on top of their goods? Well one reason is due to the fact that manufacturers can find some consumers that aren’t aware of price differences. If you find yourself in a supermarket, you may notice that the blue version of a cartridge razor is $2.99 while the pink version is $3.50.


It’s been noted that some manufacturers not only raise the price of women’s products but also tend to make the product more feminine looking and smaller. This method is what some like to call the “shrink it and pink it” approach. Before you start buying all of men’s products, be sure to watch out for ingredients label. Often times, men’s products will have a higher dose of ingredients than a women’s. In fact, Old Navy was caught up in quite the stir when plus-sized women’s jeans cost $12 to $15 more than men’s plus-sized jeans.

The Pink Tax Breakdown

ProductMen's CostWomen's Cost
Premium Cartridge Razor$13.77$22.49
Dry-cleaned Shirts$2.86$4.95
Degree Deodorant 2-Pack$3.99$7.39
Gold Bond Lotion$9.99$10.99
Gillette Shaving Cream$2.59$2.79
Prices from Portland-Area Target (Feb. 2015)

Gender Discrimination Pricing Law

Back in 1996, California passed the gender discrimination pricing law. Businesses that were found to be charging women more for similar products were to be charged a minimum fine of $1,000. This law however doesn’t seem to be enforced as the pink tax continues to flourish throughout businesses. So you may be curious just how much more do women pay on similar products each year? It’s been estimated to be $1,351 more.

How To Avoid The Pink Tax

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can no longer charge women more for identical services. In order to completely avoid the pink tax though, we recommend buying the men’s version of certain products or be on the lookout for extra inflated products.

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