Often times, a man’s shaving routine will consist of lathering their face with pre-shave lotion and carefully shaving one’s facial hair. After getting the last of their facial hairs, men tend to use a splash of alcohol-based aftershave to finish things off. What your skin really desires though is moisture, so using these alcohol-based aftershaves aren’t the best bet for your skin. Splashing on different types of alcohol-based aftershaves lack the hydration your skin really needs.

Why do we even use aftershaves? An aftershave is a type of liquid that contains antiseptic agents and is meant to prevent infections that might arise from cuts made by the razor. A good aftershave however does much more than just prevent infections. People who use higher quality moisturizer-based aftershaves appreciate the feeling of comfort as well as the prevention of infections.

With all of the different aftershaves in the market, how do you determine which is the best product for you? There are two basic categories of aftershaves, alcohol based aftershaves and moisturizer based aftershaves.

Many consumers don’t necessarily know the difference between the two nor do they understand the advantages and disadvantages that one has over the other. We’re making it our responsibility to provide the correct information about the two different types of aftershaves.

Alcohol Based Aftershaves

Ingredients: Alcohol based aftershaves contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol, commonly just referred to as alcohol.

In today’s day, the alcohol used to make aftershaves is denatured, meaning that small amounts of denaturants such as Denatonium Benzoate have been added to the alcohol. This in turn makes the aftershave taste foul and thus makes it in-consumable. Alcohol based aftershave companies tend to do this so that their products don’t have to pay certain beverage taxes on the alcohol. Contemporary alcohol based aftershaves incorporate SD alcohol 40 which is a blend of alcohol and a denaturing agent.

Moisturizer Based Aftershaves

Ingredients: Moisturizer based aftershaves, as the name implies contain complex mixtures of various chemical agents designed especially to soften and make the external layers of one’s skin more pliable. Pure moisturizer based aftershaves contain no traces of alcohol.

How Aftershaves Work

This is probably one of the biggest areas of divergence between these two categories of aftershaves. Alcohol based aftershaves work by eliminating bacteria from cuts that might arise during the shaving process. Alcohol based aftershaves have anti-bacterial properties that eradicate a significant percentage of the bacteria that can cause infection to the skin. On the same note, the alcohol in these products help reduce the risk of transmitting infection from one person to the next. Many barbershops that use the same shaving instrument tend to use alcohol based aftershaves for this reason.

Moisturizer based aftershaves typically introduce some tender loving care (TLC) on your skin during the shaving process. Moisturizer based aftershaves contain anti-bacterial ingredients; and some even contain natural agents such as aloe vera or tea tree oils. Other moisturizer based aftershaves contain artificial anti-bacterial agents. Moisturizer based aftershaves tend to be equally effective when it comes to preventing infection and the spread of bacteria.

How The Skin Reacts To Each Aftershave

Alcohol based aftershaves remove the little natural oils that your skin produces. These aftershaves tend to increase inflammation which leads to itching and eventually lead to skin infection. Alcohol based aftershaves lead to skin irritation which makes the swelling around your ingrown hairs worsen.

Moisturizer based aftershaves aid in toning your skin and minimize the pores on your skin. The moisture from these products help reduce the development of wrinkles and improve the skin’s elasticity.

The Debate About Which Aftershave Is Better

The debate about these two two aftershaves continues on. Proponents of alcohol based aftershaves argue that the skin reacts to different aftershaves based upon skin type, shaving style and the brand of alcohol based aftershaves that the person uses. Aside from their differences, both aftershaves serve the same purpose in preventing infections.

What Does Solo Shave Use?

Inside each Solo Shave box, we include moisturizer based aftershaves.

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