In a recent poll by Men’s Health, they asked “do you hang on to every hair you have left or do you bite the bullet and shave your head?” 68% of the men said shave it, while 16% of the people said to hold onto it.

There are many men that can completely pull off the shaved head look and feel. In fact, thousands of men have decided to shave their heads as soon as balding begins. Shaving your head with a double edge safety razor isn’t hard, but it can be daunting to a first-time shaver.

Pre-Shave Techniques

Shave With The Grain

If you have curly or coarse hair, it’s important to have extra caution while shaving your head. As those of you with curly and coarse hair are more likely to get razor bumps and ingrown hairs, we recommend shaving with the grain and don’t make more than two passes over the same area on your head.

Use A Trimmer If Your Hair Is Long

If your hair is long before shaving your head, you will want to shorten the length of hair using an electric razor and a number 1 guard.

Apply Pre-Shave Soap After A Hot Shower

Before shaving your head, make sure to take a hot shower and shampoo your hair to soften the hair follicles. After your shower, lather the shave soap/gel in your hands and apply it to your head and making sure to cover all of the areas that you wish to shave. Using a pre-shave soap is pivotal to avoiding any type of razor burn during your shave. The pre-shave oil will keep your scalp moisturized and will keep the hair soft during the process of shaving your head.

Use A New Blade

Before beginning to shave, make sure you are using a brand new double edge safety razor blades to ensure sharpness and quality of shave.

Now The Shaving Begins

Apply Light and Short Strokes

You will want to apply light and smooth short strokes to your head. Don’t force the blade onto your scalp as the blades will take the brunt of the work.

Rinse The Blades Often

Be sure to rinse your blades often and continue reapplying pre-shave soap as needed. When shaving the sides of your scalp, you’ll want to move with the grain from top to bottom moving from the front of your head to the back.

Shaving The Back Of Your Head

When you reach the back of your head, start at the back of the crown and shave downwards towards your neck. Remember to reapply pre-shave often and rinse the blades to keep excess hair off of it.

Shaving Your Scalp

When you are done with the back of your head you will now complete your shaven head by shaving the top of your scalp. Start at the back of the crown and shave forward towards your forehead. Remember to apply short, light strokes throughout the entire process.

Completing Your Shave

Now that you have got the majority of the hair shaven from your scalp, it is time to touch it up. Feel your scalp for any rough patches. Re-apply the pre-shave to the rough patches, rinse your blades and re-shave as needed.  When you have finished your touch ups rinse the remaining shaving cream off and pat your scalp dry with a soft towel.

Finish your shave off by applying an aftershave to your head. The aftershave will keep your scalp hydrated and safe from different elements.

Additional Tips For A Clean Shave

  1. Razor burn causes severe irritation, be itchy, cause irritation and lead to ingrown hairs. Razor burn can also develop red patches and be very unappealing. One of the main reasons for razor burn is due to a dull razor or when not enough pre-shave soap was used. Remember to constantly rinse your blades under running water to ensure a good head shave.
  2. Sunscreen is another thing that many people forget. There are many different types of sunscreens out there that are made for your scalp. You won’t want your newly shaven head to get sunburnt right after your shave.
  3. Use a lot of mirrors during your shave to see the work you are doing. If you don’t trust yourself shaving the back of your head, set up mirrors behind you so that you can see your shave.
  4. If you do happen to cut yourself, we recommend keeping a styptic pencil around to heal any of your small nicks.
  5. If you had an accident and cut your skin, do not scratch it. Our nails often times carry germs and diseases that can be transferred if we use them to scratch irritations. Also, set the razor aside and wait until your cuts are completely healed to prevent irritation.
  6. Do not shave against the grain of your hair.
  7. The last and only tip I can think of sharing is to wear your shaved head proud! Go out there and conquer the world!

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