There are quite a number of reasons why you should you use a Double Edge Safety Razor kit, but for today, we’ll just break down the 3 reasons that matter the most.

By visiting any local pharmacy or supermarket, one can go in and pick out a brand new new multi-blade razor. You can even go online and buy a subscription to a certain business that claims that their blades are “f**ing great.” Their claim to fame is that their service costs less than $1 per day. Many people don’t realize though that you’re still overpaying. Here are 3 reasons to switch to a double edge safety razor

#1. Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Are Much Cheaper

The blades for a double edge safety razor come out to about $0.20 per day.

There are still men that will go to buy regular 3-5 cartridge refill packages from grocery stores and pay anywhere from $20 to $40 per package, depending on the name brand/type.  Today, consumers are being marketed the triple blade, quarto blade, vibrating blade, the swivel blade, etc…

#2. The Double Edge Safety Razor Gives You A Better Shave

While the swivel blade and four blades look appealing with their clever marketing campaigns, the double edge safety razor gives you a closer and better shave than most of the multi-blade cartridges out there. As a whole, double edge safety razors give you a better shave without the fear of razor bumps and skin irritation.

With a double edge safety razor, the shaver can control the angle and use the weight of the blade to measure the amount of pressure to apply.  Despite the learning curve of the double edge safety razor, people tend to love their new shave within two weeks.

#3. The Quality of The Double Edge Safety Razor

Last but not least, the overall quality of a double edge safety razor performs better than most cartridge options on the market today. From the heavy metal razor handle to the different blade options, soaps, and creams, the double edge safety razor kit is the way to go.  

What were the reasons you made the switch?

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