Fashion and menswear blogs are a great way to catch up on the latest style and grooming tips. In the past, consumers would have to buy magazines in order to catch up on their latest style tips. Now regular people are the new influencers in the fashion industry and fashion bloggers are rising to the forefront as tastemakers.

Below you will find 10 tastemakers with exceptional style and fashion tastes. Watch out for these 10 style websites in 2017 as they are redefining fashion as we know it.

Street Etiqueete
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1. Street Etiquette

Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi are the faces behind the popular menswear and lifestyle blog, Street Etiquette. Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette focuses on telling a story through their sense of style. The popular mens lifestyle website turned Creative Agency has built a strong base with clients such as Adidas, Starbucks and the U.S. Open.

Dapper Lou
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2. Dapper Lou

Founded in 2009, Lougè Delcy’s Dapper Lou showcases personal style and daily style through unique photography and a new perspective on menswear, travel, art and culture. Lougè Delcy is a Brooklyn native who experiences life and style through a creative lens.

Igee Okafor
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3. Igee Okafor

Igee Okafor is a fashion & lifestyle website that caters towards fashion enthusiasts. Igee was born and raised in Nigeria, but moved to Paris and Spain to experience the life and culture. Igee currently is studying Business in New York City. Being the editor and founder of the website, Igee focuses on design, travel, food, grooming and menswear.

Complex Style
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4. Complex / Style

Complex is a community of creators and curators on a mission to expose modern America. This is true even for their Complex Style site which outlines blogs such as the most unexpected style moments of 2016 and 10 items you need to survive the holiday travel.

Valet Mag
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5. Valet Mag

Founded in 2008, Valet is an independently published lifestyle and fashion website that delivers news geared towards the 21st century man. Their online publication focuses on the latest and greatest in culture, style and grooming of the modern day man. Make sure to keep an eye out for their season buying planner featured on their website.

Mens Fashion Post
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6. Men’s Fashion Post

Men’s Fashion Post was founded by Eff Ulloa back in 2012. What started as an Instablog (a blog only on Instagram) has now become a weekly online publication that includes his personal style as well as coverage of the yearly Fashion Week.

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7. Dappered

Dappered focuses on the question “where do I even start with fashion?” The online publication prides itself by focusing on affordable men’s style. While it’s easy overthink and obsess about your style, Dappered creates buying guides for all of men’s styles.

Cuts For Him
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8. Cuts For Him

Founded by Edmond Kamara, Cuts For Him (C F Him) is an online publication that captures the essence of a how a gentlemen with style should dress in order to be addressed properly. C F Him was created due to Kamara’s passion for style, but also to celebrate individual’s style rather than trends. Since its humble beginnings, C F Him has transpired into a lifestyle hub for the modern man. C F Him covers a range of topics including art, culture, fitness, travel and grooming.

Style Society Guy
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9. Style Society Guy

Style Society Guy was created by a New York City native due to his passion for menswear. Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy says that menswear means quality, distinction and personal style. Jamal prides his website by his photography. “90% of my posts will contain fresh photos from my camera.”  Style Society Guides features detailed outfits and truly exceptional how-to guides.

High Fashion Living
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10. High Fashion Living

Like other websites listed, High Fashion Living prides itself on staying  up to date on the current trends. High Fashion Living strives to influence men who are continuously seeking for new fashion innovation. Their goal as a website is to become your personal style coach and share all of the needed tricks, tips and tools to live a more eye-catching lifestyle.

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