Aftershave Ingredients


The Difference Between Alcohol and Moisturizer Based Aftershaves

Often times, a man’s shaving routine will consist of lathering their¬†face with pre-shave lotion and carefully shaving one’s facial hair. After getting the last of their facial hairs, men tend to use a splash of alcohol-based aftershave to finish things off. What your skin really desires though is moisture, so using these alcohol-based aftershaves aren’t the best bet for your skin. Splashing on different types of alcohol-based aftershaves lack the hydration your skin really needs. Why do we even use aftershaves? An aftershave is a type of liquid that contains antiseptic agents and is meant to prevent infections that might arise from cuts made by the razor. A good aftershave however does much more than just prevent infections. People who use higher quality moisturizer-based aftershaves appreciate the feeling of comfort as well as the prevention of infections. With all of the different aftershaves in the market, how do you determine…