How To Shave Your Legs By Using a Double Edge Safety Razor

Women are paying a small fortune every year for disposable, plastic razors that just get thrown out and replaced on a regular basis.  Add a little insult to that injury by piling on the obligatory “pink tax”. Thankfully, there’s an alternative. In recent years there’s been a re-emergence of an old-school classic, wet shaving with a safety razor. Many men have already made the switch to this throwback to the days when swapping out your razor blade only cost a few cents. Now more and more women are jumping off of the expensive plastic razor bandwagon in droves as well. Shaving your legs using a double edge safety razor is a far superior, more eco-friendly way to shave. Plus you can save a lot of money using double edge razors as opposed to using the pricey cartridge razors. Why would I shave my legs with a safety razor? Shaving your legs…