Bic straight razor


How I Transitioned From a Multi-Blade to Double Edge Safety Razor

Last year, I decided to transition from a multi-blade razor to a double edge safety razor. In fact, it was a much longer process than I could have imagined. After 20+ years of shaving, I would like to share my transition over the last year. Before I could transition, I needed to think about what was most important to me when it came to shaving. Was it my skin appearance? Was it the closeness of my shave? Was it how much time it takes to shave? Was it about avoiding Razor bumps? Was it the quality of the handles, razors, shaving cream and or aftershave? All of these questions I took into consideration. I’ll never forget my first true shave. It was in 1993 on a hot fall day at The San Diego MCRD (Marine Corp. Recruit Depot). I was handed a very small fragile plastic straight razor and some…