The Ultimate Guide To Properly Cleaning Your Shave Brush

So you have received your new shave brush, but now you’re looking to keep your brush clean? You would assume that your shaving brush would remain clean after constantly being dipped in your shave soaps and warm water, right? Unfortunately, shave brushes often collect dirt, oil and bacteria from your shaves over time. The frequency that you will have to clean your shave brush depends on how well you rinse and dry the shave brush after each time you shave. While it’s not recommended to clean your shave brush everyday, there are certain factors that will help you decide how often to properly clean it. Is your water hard or soft? Have your bristles began to lose their limber strength? If you answered hard water and you’ve noticed your bristles have began to lose their strength, we think it’s time for you to clean your shave brush. Here are a…