Moisturizer Based Aftershave


25 Double Edge Safety Razor Shaving Tips

Shaving with a double edged safety razor is making a resurgence as more and more men and women are realizing this old-school way of shaving is far superior to modern razors. What they’re realizing is that “wet shaving” provides a better shave, saves you money, and is better for the environment. They’re also realizing that the plastic cartridge razor scene is fraught with unscrupulous, big name companies, taking full advantage of you with their massive marketing budgets and even more massive profit margins.  If you’re just getting started with wet shaving or you’re looking to step up your wet shaving game, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the top 25 shaving tips for taking your shave to the next level using a double edged safety razor. 1. Prep is a must When you’re wet shaving with a safety razor, preparing your skin for a shave is an indispensable habit that will…

The Difference Between Alcohol and Moisturizer Based Aftershaves

Often times, a man’s shaving routine will consist of lathering their face with pre-shave lotion and carefully shaving one’s facial hair. After getting the last of their facial hairs, men tend to use a splash of alcohol-based aftershave to finish things off. What your skin really desires though is moisture, so using these alcohol-based aftershaves aren’t the best bet for your skin. Splashing on different types of alcohol-based aftershaves lack the hydration your skin really needs. Why do we even use aftershaves? An aftershave is a type of liquid that contains antiseptic agents and is meant to prevent infections that might arise from cuts made by the razor. A good aftershave however does much more than just prevent infections. People who use higher quality moisturizer-based aftershaves appreciate the feeling of comfort as well as the prevention of infections. With all of the different aftershaves in the market, how do you determine…