Razor Rash


10 Shaving Tips You Never Learned Growing Up

Dad may have been an endless fountain of knowledge when you were growing up, but with the advent of cheap, multi-blade cartridge razors, canned shaving creams, and TV commercials touting how “easy” shaving is, there was probably one area where dad was pointedly silent – how to shave properly! Don’t blame dad. Back in the day when wet shaving was the norm, shaving was a better experience and dads were more likely to happily pass on this rite of passage to their sons. These days, with plastic razors everywhere you look, shaving is a frustrating, irritating experience for most men, including dads. Who would want to pass that on to their son? Thankfully, wet shaving is making a comeback and now we can do our part to gain some knowledge about this lost artform and pass it on to our own sons when the time comes. Below is a list…