Shave Head


How To Shave My Head With a Double Edge Blade?

In a recent poll by Men’s Health, they asked “do you hang on to every hair you have left or do you bite the bullet and shave your head?” 68% of the men said shave it, while 16% of the people said to hold onto it. There are many men that can completely pull off the shaved head look and feel. In fact, thousands of men have decided to shave their heads as soon as balding begins. Shaving your head with a double edge safety razor isn’t hard, but it can be daunting to a first-time shaver. Pre-Shave Techniques Shave With The Grain If you have curly or coarse hair, it’s important to have extra caution while shaving your head. As those of you with curly and coarse hair are more likely to get razor bumps and ingrown hairs, we recommend shaving with the grain and don’t make more than two passes over the…