Straight Razor


What Is The Difference Between A Safety Razor and A Straight Razor?

When most people think of a traditional razor, they tend to think of a 50s movie in black & white where a barber is seen lathering up one of their customers while precisely shaving their bears using a straight razor. In fact, most people do not actually know if straight razors are still around today. The practice of using a straight razor in day-to-day life has become somewhat of an art over time, however safety razors are starting to gain popularity amongst shavers worldwide. Regardless of which razor you prefer, both are still some of the most popular razor options available. The real question is, is there a difference other than modern safety features? What is a safety razor? A safety razor is a shaving instrument that typically has a protective device made of plastic or metal between the edge of the blade and the skin. This protective device helps reduce the risk…