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3 Reasons To Switch To A Double Edge Safety Razor

There are quite a number of reasons why you should you use a Double Edge Safety Razor kit, but for today, we’ll just break down the 3 reasons that matter the most. By visiting any local pharmacy or supermarket, one can go in and pick out a brand new new multi-blade razor. You can even go online and buy a subscription to a certain business that claims that their blades are “f**ing great.” Their claim to fame is that their service costs less than $1 per day. Many people don’t realize though that you’re still overpaying. Here are 3 reasons to switch to a double edge safety razor.  #1. Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Are Much Cheaper The blades for a double edge safety razor come out to about $0.20 per day. There are still men that will go to buy regular 3-5 cartridge refill packages from grocery stores and pay…